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Member Spotlight

Scott  Robbins

Scott Robbins is the Director of Instruction at Scott Robbins Golf located at The Tribute Golf Club in The Colony. He is also a newlywed (wife - Lisa Lipkin) and a father of two (Jessica, 33 & Daniel, 26). He was elected to PGA membership in 1979. In his years of being a PGA professional he has worked at Marius Golf at Old American Golf Club, D.A.'s Golf Learning Center, The Range at Tenison Park, Las Colinas Golf Range, Irving Golf Range, Ridglea Country Club, Oak Hills Country Club and Horseshoe Bay Country Club. Below are a few things that you may not have known about Scott.
What do you love about the golf business? The people-golfers and my fellow professionals. I love helping a golfer enjoy the game more and in turn encouraging them to play more golf. And I love being around the passionate golf professionals in the NTPGA and the fellowship, friendships and learning we have and get from each other.
Who got you started in the game? My father. He was a doctor and had joined our club shortly after I was born. I figured out quickly if I wanted to see my dad on his days off, I better learn and share golf with him. 
Did you play college golf? I played two years at The University of North Texas. I then finished my degree at The University of Texas Austin. Hook 'Em!
What is your most memorable moment in golf? I remember my first chip in, playing with my parents on what is now the 10th hole at The Honors Golf Club. I chipped in from behind the green and my parents and their best friends were cheering.
Where is your favorite golf destination that you have played? Tie - Pinehurst and Sunriver.
Who makes your dream foursome? My dad, my son and Mr. Palmer.
What is a course that you wish you could play but have yet to have an opportunity to do so? Pebble Beach.
What are some of your hobbies? Reading thriller and spy novels, movies, people watching.
What is your favorite type of music? Old time Rock and Roll.
What is the best golf book that you would recommend? Instructional - 5 lessons, the Modern Fundamentals of Golf; Fictional - Golf in the Kingdom

What is your go-to karaoke song? None - My dad always told me to "sing solo - so low no one could hear me" - great advice!