Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Vince Pellman

Vince Pellman is currently the PGA head professional at Rolling Hills Country Club. On July 6 through July 9, Vince and his staff will host the Energy Producers, Inc. Texas Women's Open for the third straight year. Pellman, who was elected to PGA membership in 1989, also spent time at Grayson College Golf Course as well as Tanglewood Resort. Outside of golf, Vince and his wife Renea of nearly 17 years have one son, John-Thomas...JT for short (16).

Below are a few more things that you may not have known about Vince.

What do you love about the golf business? I enjoy being involved in an industry that impacts the lives of all ages on a daily basis. One of the most rewarding things the profession offers is establishing relationships with members & guests. I have been doing that now for 26 years, and I love it.

Who got you started in the game? A neighbor, Billy Cox of Denison, introduced me to golf, but it was Osborne Davis, the Denison High School golf coach, who ran a summer recreational program for the city. He gave me the true interest in the game.

Did you play college golf? I played one semester at Cook County College and one and a half years at Grayson County College.

What is your most memorable moment in golf? Actually there are two memorable moments. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008 and the members put together a package to Pebble Beach with my wife, son, and three of the members of the club. Hitting the tee shot on #1 is second in line, only to seeing my son hit his tee shot off of #18 tee. A picture that hangs on my office wall today.

Where is your favorite golf destination that you have played? See above...

Who makes your dream foursome? Twosome- my son and I. It's about the pace of play you know.

Have you played golf with anyone famous? I'm a diehard Cowboys fan and got to play with Hershel Walker and Mark Tuinei on different occasions, in the Gatlin Brothers / Metro Assistants MDA Tournament.

What is a course that you wish you could play but have yet to have an opportunity to do so? St. Andrews.

What is something interesting about yourself that other members may not know about you? I love trains.

What are some of your hobbies? I'm one of the coaches on my son's baseball team. There's not much time for anything else. 

What is your favorite type of music? Most types... Music is the way you mark the times in your life by reflecting on memories of people and places. It's a good distraction.

What is the best golf book that you would recommend? Dead Solid Perfect.

What is your go-to karaoke song? I'm a max handicap when it comes to singing!