Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Ron Nash

This month's member spotlight is Ron Nash. Ron is currently an assistant professional at Gentle Creek Country Club. Nash was elected to PGA Membership in 1994, and has spent time at many other facilities like Southerness Golf Club in Atlanta, Dunwoody Country Club in Atlanta, Lake Lanier Islands Resort in Atlanta, Ridgeview Ranch in Plano, Texas Indoor Golf Facility in Grapevine, Dick’s Sporting Goods in Frisco, and DA’s Spring Creek Golf in Plano. Ron and his wife Patty have been married for 31 years. They have a son named Ryan who is 36 and a granddaughter Ava Grave who is 4 and another grand baby on the way! Below are a few more things that you may not have known about Ron.

What do you love about the golf business? The business involves the game that I love, and that makes it easy to come to work everyday.  Other than that, the ability to develop and implement a plan for any event, budget or merchandising and see it work and still have the flexibility to change if necessary without anyone realizing that anything different ever happened.  Then of course there are the people, it is a pleasure to work with professionals that share the same enthusiasm I have.

Who got you started in the game? My dad.

Did you play college golf? I did. Three years at Slippery Rock State College in Pennsylvania.

What is your most memorable moment in golf?  I actually have two.  The first was when I caddied for Arnold Palmer when he played an exhibition match at my dad’s country club.  The second was winning the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association Father and Son Championship with a record score which has not been matched since 1968.  Alternate shot 66.

Where is your favorite golf destination that you have played? Last year I went to Scotland and would go back in a heartbeat.

Who makes your dream foursome? Myself, my dad, Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson.

Have you played golf with anyone famous? I have played with Bobby Nichols and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer.

What is a course that you wish you could play but have yet to have an opportunity to do so? Pine Valley.

What is something interesting about yourself that other members may not know about you? I am a retired U.S. Naval Aviator, I have over 3600 flight hours in F-4 Phantoms and F-14 Tomcats with 600 landings on aircraft carriers.

What are some of your hobbies? Listening to music and reading spy novels.

What is your favorite type of music? Anything from the 70’s and 80’s or by Frank Sinatra.

What is the best golf book that you would recommend? The Pro by Claude “Butch” Harmon

What is your go-to karaoke song? That Old Black Magic – Frank Sinatra (Now I am really showing my age!)