Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Stephen Aumock

Stephen Aumock is currently the PGA director of instruction at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano. He was elected to PGA Membership in 1998. A natural teacher, Stephen has immersed himself in a profession doing something he loves.  To Stephen, teaching golf is more of a hobby than work, and that is what makes him an outstanding instructor. Stephen’s teaching philosophy has been developed over thirty years in the game and has been influenced by 3 legendary instructors – Hank Haney, Jim Hardy and England’s John Jacobs.  Stephen had the opportunity to hone is craft under Hank while working with him for 6 years at the Hank Haney golf facilities in Dallas.  Below are a few more things that you may not have known about Stephen.

What do you love about the golf business? I love being outside early in the morning. There is no better place on earth than the golf course as the sun rises above the trees. The smell of fresh cut grass in the cool air, the perfectly mown fairways and greens - that is my idea of heaven.

Who got you started in the game? My favorite uncle sparked my interest when I was about 5 and my dad took me to play when I was 8. My first swing on the golf course was a whiff!

Did you play college golf? I played one year at Oakland University in my hometown of Rochester, Michigan. I won the first college golf tournament I played in and knew I had to get the heck out of there. So I transferred to University of Alabama to see how the game can really be played. 

What is your most memorable moment in golf? A few years ago a junior student of mine won an AJGA that gave him an exemption into the PGA Tour Wyndham Championship. He asked me to caddie for him. He beat a lot of tour pros and he nearly made the cut. To share that with him was special.

Where is your favorite golf destination that you have played? I went of a 15-day golf vacation to Scotland a couple years December! Somehow the weather wasn't very good but it was the trip of a lifetime. 

Who makes your dream foursome? It would be Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods -all in their prime. I would just walk with the group and observe.

Have you played golf with anyone famous? I asked my student, T. Boone Pickens, if he would play in the grand opening Pro-Am at Texarkana Golf Ranch. He said he would on one condition; we fly up in his plane..."No problem Boone." Best man I ever met.

What is a course that you wish you could play but have yet to have an opportunity to do so? Royal Dornoch.

What is something interesting about yourself that other members may not know about you? For over 10 years I have taught three days a month in Michigan so I can see my mother and father. I sleep in the same bedroom I grew up in. 

What are some of your hobbies? Is golf a hobby??

What is your favorite type of music? I like a wide variety, but country is at the top of my list.

What is the best golf book that you would recommend? For an instructor it is "Practical Golf" by John Jacobs. For a player it is "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" by Bob Rotella.

What is your go-to karaoke song? I can rock "Turn the Page" by Seger!