Levy Cup Matches

Levy Cup Matches

The second annual Levy Cup Matches will be contested much like the Joe Black Cup Matches. The Levy Cup team will consist of six NTPGA Assistant Members (A-8 only) and six NTPGA Senior Members (any classification) competing against a Southern Texas PGA team comprised of the same classifications.

The Southern Texas PGA will play host in 2018 from October 15-16 at Briggs Ranch Golf Club in San Antonio, Texas. 

Serving as NTPGA Co-Captains for the event will be Jim Stalder, PGA head professional at Hurricane Creek Country Club, and Shane Pearce, PGA assistant professional at Hurricane Creek Country Club. The STPGA Co-Captains will be David Pilsner, PGA director of instruction at Timber Creek Golf Club, and Ryan Briggs, PGA assistant professional at Whispering Pines Golf Clubs.

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The Northern Texas PGA team includes:
Todd Balkin, Royal Oaks Country Club – first appearance 
Thomas Devanna, Tangle Ridge Golf Club – second appearance
Jordan Ferguson, The Vaquero Club – first appearance
Greg Gregory, Hidden Creek Golf Course – second appearance
Shane Pearce, Hurricane Creek Country Club – second appearance
Corey Roberson, Preston Trail Golf Club – second appearance

Henry Cagigal, Rockwood Golf Course – second appearance (his first appearance was as an assistant)
Jim Henderson, Stevens Park Golf Course – first appearance
Stuart Hendley, Dallas Athletic Club – first appearance
Robert McMillan, McMillan Golf Academy – second appearance
John Shelley, Golf Academy of America Dallas – first appearance
Bruce Smith, Black Belt Golf Academy – second appearance

The NTPGA Assistant representatives are based on points earned from the Eastern Championship, Western Championship, NTPGA Professional Championship, NTPGA Section Championship and the NTPGA Assistant Championship. The STPGA will have similar qualifications for fielding their team. 

The NTPGA Senior representatives will be based on points earned in the Senior Division of the Eastern Championship, Western Championship, NTPGA Section Championship and the NTPGA Senior Championship. 

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