MSR Opportunities

MSR Opportunities

The MSR requirement cycle began on June 16, 2018 and will run through June 15, 2021.


Wednesday, October 24
TARO Allied Association Meeting
The Texas Alliance of Recreational Organizations (TARO) invites you to participate in this allied association event at the Houston Racquet Club. This event is open to all club industry professionals and allied association members. We're pleased to welcome two influential club industry leaders who advocate for the industry on a daily basis. In lieu of a registration fee, attendees are asked to make a personal donation to TARO PAC.
5 PGA Required credits

Monday, November 12
NTPGA Coaching & Teaching Summit
The Northern Texas PGA will again be hositng the Coaching & Teaching Summit on Monday, November 12 at Four Seasons Resort and Club in Irving from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It will feature keynote speaker Mike Adams and many more. Schedule of events.
7 PGA Required credits

Fall 2018-Winter 2019
USGA Rules of Golf Workshops
With major changes to the Rules of Golf taking effect on January 1, 2019, the USGA and PGA will offer an expanded schedule of 35 workshops.
24 PGA Required credits for attending a workshop

Swing Man's Swing Speed Trainer Certification
Swing Man's Swing Speed Trainer certification program and subsequent test was designed for PGA Professionals, golf fitness trainers and others by a PGA of America professional with a science, sports and professional golf and long drive background.  The internet-based program gives you the flexibility to fit the certification into your schedule as you have time. The cost is $995 for the 1-day program.
7 PGA Required credits

Member Business Center Videos
Members who may still need to earn MSR credits will currently find the videos from the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. By watching the videos and passing the assessment test, the MSR credits earned will be posted to the PGA Required category.
2 PGA Required credits per video

Principles of Scorecard Design
A free, one hour online course eligible from Golf Scorecards, Inc. To earn a credit, PGA Members must watch the video and then pass a short online assessment.
1 PGA Required credit

LPGA Teaching HER Online Course
Self-paced instructional course created to help golf professionals better understand how women learn and how to teach them the game for greater success and enjoyment.
4 PGA Required credits

Update Profile
As a way to promote increased engagement with, Members who update their profile will receive one (1) MSR credit which applies to the Total MSR category.
1 Non-PGA Required credit

Mizuno Product Training
To help you understand all that Mizuno's golf products have to offer to your customers, Mizuno has created this easy to use online training portal. By viewing each of these short videos and answering a few follow up questions, you will be fully informed on the latest Mizuno products as well as what makes our Mizuno Performance Fitting System the best in the industry.
1 PGA Required credit

Other MSR Opportunities

Team Golf

Team Golf coaches (and up to one assistant coach) will be able to earn PGA Required MSR credits based on participation in the program. 
The Team Golf schedule has been broken into two seasons: spring and fall.
Spring Season: March - May
Fall Season: September - November
Coaches and one assistant coach will each receive 3 PGA Required MSR credits for each season your team participates. A maximum of 6 credits can be earned through Team Golf in a calendar year. If you have any questions about Team Golf and the MSR credits given, please contact Alyssa Richardson at

To further understand the credit requirements and distribution, please login to your account and read HERE.
Should you have any questions about MSR opportunities or the credit distribution, please contact Janet Barnett, Manager of Member Relations, at the Section office.
To submit any earned MSR credits not yet received, please fill out the MSR Reporting Form and return to the Section office.